Poem of the Week – The Massacre at Glencoe



O Cruel is the snow
That sweeps Glencoe
And covers the grave O Donald
And cruel was the foe
That raped Glencoe
And murderd the house of

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Poem of the Week – The Moorish King Went Up and Down



The Moorish King went up and down – from the city of Granada,
From the gate of Elvira – up to that of Vivarrambla,
-O my Alhama!-

Letters were sent – that (said) Alhama had been won,
He cast the letters into the fire – And executed the messengers,
-O my Alhama! –

He falls from a mule –  and on a horse he rides,
By Zacatin – Up where Alhambra stood,
-O my Alhama!-

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