The Ramayana: A Question of Honour

Rama Chandra


Honour is a word that is thrown around often. We extol the honourable sacrifices of our men and women in the armed services. We click our tongues disapprovingly as we read about tragic “honour killings” in the news. Hip hop artists such as Tupac Shakur discussed the “death before dishonour” doctrine in their music… but what is honour? Continue reading


The Epic of Gilgamesh: Life, Death, and Legacy



There is only one certainty in life: death. From the moment we are first ejected screaming from our mothers’ wombs the sands of time began to slip through our fingers until the last grain drops and we reunite with the earth that nourished us in life. From time immemorial, humankind has sought ways to evade the predator that stalks our every footfall. Continue reading

Why do I Love Stories?

Imagine you are sitting in a theatre. All around you is darkness. The audience is silent. Suddenly, a spotlight reveals an actor at centre stage. He takes a deep breath and begins. You know that the words he speaks are not true. Dragons to do not exist, knights did not fight trolls, and the woman for whom he declares his love is not a real princess. However, you are captivated by his words nonetheless. Continue reading