The Songs of the Sunya

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Salayem na sulaimeen fitayat anuneen!*

The Songs of the Sunya is a series of poems, short stories,and epic novels about a realm called the “Sunya”. The history of this realm spans thousands of years, according to the history of the peoples of his region. Through the ages there have been many migrations, wars, city-states, kingdoms and empires, all of which have risen to prominence in their day before being buried beneath the sands of time.

The stories follow the Sunsha people in all their tribes and clans through burning deserts, lush grasslands, dense jungles, high mountains and more as they sing, fight, love, live and die by the grace of their gods and the points of their spears. Follow them as they recite poems about their great heroes, exalt their gods, and weep for the fallen.

Khibst wa sunuseen fitayat anuneen**,

Adam H.C. Myrie

*Peace and blessings upon you

** Love of the gods upon you

history of the Sunya

The Age of Innocence:

Fondly rizkah's knife.PNGeferred to as the Age of Innocence, the first remembered history began in ~20,000BB (before the War of Banishment) and ended with the first murder around 13,000BB. The Sunsha people and all life in the Sunya was believed to have started from this time. It was in these days when the Sun, Sunshaia, and Sunshadeen, three gods in one, collaborated to create the first breath of life. They gave human kind all that they could ask for, and human kind was as innocent as the beasts of the earth. There was peace and harmony until the Sunbaka, an evil spirit yet unknown to the people was freed and entered their hearts, changing them forever.

It first crept into the heart of Izkah, who loved Yahuia, the fianceé of his brother Imsaid. His jealousy overcame him and his underhanded attempts to steal Yahuia from Imsaid ended in Imsaid’s murder by Izkah’s hand. The event was so traumatic that the people could no longer stay together as one, and they all went their separate ways.

The Age of Clans:

The Age of Ctikursenelans lasted from roughly the year 13,000BB to 5,000BB. In this time the Sunsha people had spread out from their home in Mobal after the Great Divide. The Jahisha clan, descended from Jahi of the 3 patriarchs, and the Rahmineen, descended from Rahmi  of the 3 patriarchs found themselves locked in a series of bitter wars. The seed of Rahi, the last of the 3 patriarchs, have gone far south, away from their warlike cousins to seek a new world beyond the southern desert.

In this age of magic and mysticism, the gods watched as their creations changed from innocent and child like creatures with a love for the land and a sense of curiosity, to barbarians that hunted and killed each other like wild game. They played with elements they knew nothing about, and invited upon themselves their own misery. Little is known of this time save what was preserved through the oral history kept by the elders and sages among the the people before the birth of the written word.

The Dark Time:

The years dark time5,000BB to 1 AB (After the War of Banishment) saw the worst suffering recorded in the archives of the Sunsha peoples. Dark Sages and bloodthirsty mythical beasts ruled the Sunya. It was a time of great oppression, where the innocent sought no peace of refuge for none would be afforded them. Ra, the power one’s divine fire, was corrupted for the selfish machinations of the ruling Dark Sages, and later the Dzinee, who once served as mankind’s protector from himself.

The natural order was corrupted. Sun’s face was hidden while Sunshaia wept bitter tears for the suffering and Sunshadeen raged at the corruption of the divine fire he breathed into the life below. This was not to be the end, for a hero would rise and put an end to the darkness, parting the clouds of despair and shining the the light of freedom for all who would have it. Great kingdoms and city-states rose and crumbled, and the land was ripe for revolution.

In this age of bronze-clad warriors, raging chariots, giant man-eating demons, and fierce dark magic, the balance of power shifted in ways that would set the foundation for the next thousand years.

The Imperial Age:

crown.PNGFrom the year 1AB (After the War of Banishment) to the present day, there has been a great scramble between the powers that remained after the fall of the Dzinee Empire. City states expanded and contracted. Over time, borders began to stabilize, and the wars gave way to trade and political intrigue. 30 years ago, the last great war between the empire of Komas and the kingdom of Mobal ended in an uneasy peace. The revolution in Kinjian to the west had ended with King Haroon’s bastard son claiming the throne and wiping out his rivals. It seemed that the last swords had been drawn in anger. Perhaps the Sunya had finally returned to an era of calm that it had not seen since the Age of Innocence, or had it?

Books in the Series

Tales from the Sands of Time Volume I

The Princes of Komas (Release date TBD)