The Sunsha Language

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There are two prevailing dialects spoken in the Suyna: Old Sunsha (The Old Tongue), which is used mostly in religious and academic contexts, and Sunsha, which is currently spoken by most of the peoples of the Sunya. There are other dialects that are in use around the Sunya but most of them are not far from the modern from of Sunsha than being rooted in an accent or with slightly different bend in their grammar.
Old Sunsha is the language used spoken by the Sunsha people in ancient times. It is not clear when this form of the language went out of favour in popular speech, but it still carries importance in among the Sunsha. This is considered the language of scholars and the religious elite. It is used in historical documents, religious texts, religious proceedings and traditional poetry. Most of the people in the Sunya that make use of this language do so in an academic or religious context. Though they may be able to effectively read and write it, speaking it fluently is considered a mark of being especially well educated and is always viewed with the highest respect.
The character and number systems are still in regular use in the modern form of Sunsha. They form the foundation of formal education among both the common and the elites. Parents often send their children to serve as White Cloaks for a number of years with the Order of Sages so that they can gain access to these valuable tools.
Old Sunsha is however still spoken by the Dzinee with each other. This is reflected in the manner in which they speak to humans, as their tongues have difficulty wrapping themselves around the current means of speech. The Rahisheen tribes of the Outlands speak the language among themselves, as they have been largely separate from the Jahisha and the Rahmineen tribes for most of history and therefore have retained many old customs.

The script is read right to left, with punctuation. Here are a few key phrases to help you around the Sunya:


Hello – Salayem!

Peace and Blessings be upon you – Salayem na sulaimeen fitayat anuneen

Farewell – Soobyalla

*Note that the gender and number are dependent on the person being spoken to. The plural form is always used when speaking to an elder or someone with authority.


Congratulations – Soobwabala

Thank you – Sayabi Sulaimeen

You are welcome – Laimat dakera

Getting Around and Getting Assistance


Which way to the whore house? – Shabi yawit ka al shosheenu wa malaieen?

(When in need of medical assistance) Call a sage! – Sunabra boratereua!

More beer please – Baq lulut wa soobyouni

More sweet smoke (cannabis) please – Baq tikeershadien sukit wa soobyouni


How much is that? – Dhag dehnu sath dakera?

That is too much – Dhag sayasaya dakera

I will give you ____ and no more! – An anu _______ayadera, na baq laimar!

Yes – Naim

No – Laim


You are  beautiful (man to woman) – Ani nefert dakeruat.

I love you – Loubnoutou bi burateentout dakernu.

I missed you (male to female) – An ani elaikuba.

Make love to me (man to woman) – An tew foornig burbureuat

Please let me put it in your butt – Bi zakitout an gint khazdere, wa soobyouni

Some Sunsha Poetry

A Prayer for the Dead

O Sunshadeen efu shogera!

Shadeen efu kashet dakera!

Tag bittishadeen  yallallera!

O bis salayem  kheestma!

O bis sulaimeen  kheestma!


O Sun, sasnu wa sunuseen !

Sabhi kebre fitka Anuneen!

Shoshneenu wa sabhi bittishadeen!

O bis salayem  kheestma!

O bis sulaimeen  kheestma!


O Sunshaia loobnutous ayashaiadera,

Youneentous tew younishaia asahyouni dakera,

S’aluleentous vilaiagranus farnera!

O bis salayem  kheestma!

O bis sulaimeen  kheestma!


O Sunshadeen keep him!

His fire is free!

This inner fire goes!

O endless great peace!

O endless  great blessings!

O Sun, centre of the gods!

All glory be up to you!

O home of all souls!

O endless great peace!

O endless  great blessings!

O Sunshaia comfort our hearts!

Our eyes are blind with tears!

Hear our sorrowful prayers!

O endless great peace!

O endless  great blessings!

O endless great blessings

A Reading of Old Sunsha:

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