Poem of the Week – Ti Zwazo (Little Bird)


Little bird where are you going?
I am going to Lalo’s* house
Lalos eat little kids
If you go she’ll eat you too
Brik kolon brik, brik kolon brik,
Nightingale eats soursop fruit
Rolling, rolling, I come from the village
All the beasts fall in the water
Lady, please dance with me
Sir, I am too tired.

*** In Kréyole***

Ti Zwazo kote ou prale
Mwenn prale kay fiyét lalo
Fiyét lalo kon manje ti moun
Si ou ale lap manje ou tou
Brik kolon brik, brik kolon brik
Wosiyol mange korosol
Woulo woulo Mwen soti lavil o kay
Tout bet tonbe nan dlo
Madmwazel leve pou danse
Mesye mwen trò fatige

Sung in Kréyole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNIVDpb6Mt8

Source: http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=2551&c=114

Image Credit: http://www.hougansydney.com/haiti-flag.php

Learn more about Haiti: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiti


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