Poem of the Week – Sister Without Peer

Egyptian Women playing the Lyre.jpg


My one, my soul without peer,

Most beautiful of all!

  Rising like the morning star

At the start of a happy year.

Shining bright, fair of skin,

Lovely the look of her eyes,

Sweet the speech of her lips,

She has not a word too much.

Upright neck, shining breast,

Hair true lapis lazuli;

Arms surpassing gold,

Fingers like lotus buds.

Heavy thighs, narrow waist,

Her legs parade her beauty;

With graceful step she treads the ground,

Captures my heart by her movements.

She causes all men’s necks

To turn about to see her;

Joy has he whom she embraces,

He is like the first of men!

When she steps outside she seems like that the Sun!


First Stanza,

Beginning of the sayings of the great happiness,

from Papyrus Chester Beatty I


Source:  http://www.perankhgroup.com/Ancient%20Egyptian%20Love%20poetry.htm

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/469570698618221791/


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